Refrigeration Re-Gas Kit


A bespoke, specially assembled for domestic system re-gassing kit as used and recommended by NAC





Our R600a Re-Gas Kit is the one that all attendees use on our Foundation or Refrigeration System Training courses. This is everything you need to get you going as far as vacuum testing and re-gassing is concerned.

We have designed and specially built this kit as most available online contain components that we do not need and therefore remain redundant when purchased.

The NAC Recommended Re-Gas Kit comprises of the following:

  • 1x R600 Low Pressure Gauge
  • 1x Vacuum Gauge
  • 1x Manifold Block and Hanging Hook
  • 3x Hoses with Ball Valves
  • 1x R600a Bottle Valve
  • 1x Liquid Charging Stand
  • 1x Digital Tare Scales
  • 1x 2 Stage Vacuum Pump

Your Kit will be dispatched within 7 days as we have to assemble the components and test the items. Once you receive your kit, it will have been assembled and tested on one of our Training Room fridges so you are literally good to go.