Water Regulations and Detergents (Washing machines & Dishwashers)

NAC-Trainer · June 25, 2021

An online training module covering water regulations and detergents – These are things that you should be able to fully understand prior to repairing appliances. This is a free course for users who have completed the Washing Machines or Dishwashers course.

Who would take this course?

This course has been designed for people with limited or no knowledge of water regulations and detergents. You do not have to have any experience repairing appliances to take this course.

Course Advice…

Before starting on any courses that relate to the repair to domestic appliances, we recommend, that you complete the Insulation and Earth Continuity Testing Course and the Earth Loop Testing Course prior to learning how to repair appliances as well as completing this free course. These are 3 independent electrical safety tests that should be carried out before any repair and after any repair in the case of Insulation and Earth Continuity Testing.

Links to each course are here:

Insulation and Earth Continuity Testing
Earth Loop Testing

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